Thursday, July 28, 2011

I forgot to mention...

I will be subbing Hillary's Zumba class at Golds Meridian this Friday at 5:30pm. If you are a golds member, come and have fun!!  If you arent a golds member, the drop in fee is 10 dollars for 24 hours.. :)

This Friday...there is a party at cowgirls for Zumba lovers, it benefits the womens and childrens alliance ..the theme is "Glowing" so wear white and neon and give your 20 dollars to the doorman and then you can Zumba for hours on end. Its from 6pm-9pm and then there will be dancing like always...

Thursdays are sizzlin!

On thursdays I get to teach at the Karate Studio in Eagle, its in the same parking lot where the old KINGS used to be. At 9:15am we start class and it is a blast!! The best part about this is that for the rest of the summer, it is only 12 dollars.. total, thats it. You can take thai-robics class and zumba as much as you want.. :) thats such a good deal..

Then at 5:15pm its off to Caldwell for some hip shakin fun at the Caldwell YMCA, my home gym... These gals have known me since the beginning.. we have come a long way since I first certified in 2008. The friendships that have grown here are amazing! 

Pick a class and I will see you soon!!