Monday, September 2, 2013

September! week one, baby!

SO... Monday is a holiday and there was one class at Axiom at 8:30 am this morning, but that was it.
Usually there are two classes on Monday, one at Axiom and a 10 o'clock at Bodies in Motion, both Zumba.

Tuesday is a pretty mellow day with two classes in the evening. PiYo at 6:15pm and Zumba at 7pm. In the future these classes will hopefully be combined into one class and we will have a Zumba/PiYo fusion class at 7pm-8pm at the homecourt YMCA.

Wednesday is a 9am class at Bodies in Motion with Zumba in the dark, with glow lights and disco lights.. super fun!!

Thursday is the same as Tuesday at the Homecourt YMCA.

Friday is a 9am class at Bodies in Motion.. It's a PiYo/Zumba fusion class, get ready to sweat!!


There is still a groupon for Bodies in Motion Zumba. 20 classes for 39.99- get it, it's a great deal!!

Also Axiom is running a special right now 61 percent off full membership.. awesome deal!!

YMCA will do a sliding scale fee according to your income.

Pick one, sign up, and start getting fit.


On September 6th, Friday, at 6pm there is a free Zumba event in the soon to be, new Axiom location on Eagle and Fairview in the parking lot on the North east corner. Come help us celebrate our newest location. SHake it UP!

Monday, August 26, 2013

august is coming to a close...

Hello Zumba lovers!

This week is going to be a bit sparce...

Monday- I teach two Zumba classes.. done!

Tuesday- I teach an evening PiYo class at 6:15pm at the Homecourt YMCA followed by a 7pm Zumba class at the same place.

Wednesday- Zumba in the morning at Bodies in Motion at 9am

Thursday- PiYo at the Homecourt YMCA at 6:15pm

Friday-Zumba/Piyo fusion at Bodies in Motion at 9am

I am working on the church class schedule still... not sure what is going to happen there. I will let you know as soon as I do.

Thursdays I am adding a Thursday evening Zumba at 7pm right after PiYo at Homecourt YMCA

I am working on a new Zumba playlist for SEPTEMBER ... yep, next week! Be prepared to dance and learn new moves!

Some big events coming up... Augst 29th, Thursday, is Axiom's hiring fair for the new location on Eagle and Fairview.
 August 31st, Saturday, is my belly-dancing debut and big Zumba party at JET house MMA 5-7pm

And be saving the date for Axiom's parking lot party on September 6th 6-7pm in the new Axioms lot.

Until we meet again... Zumba love!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Schedule for this week in August

Monday at 8:30am at Axiom on Cole and Fairview I will be teaching Zumba. Don't be afraid to come and shake it with us. We have some men and women who are amazing in this class!

Also Monday at 10am at Bodies in Motion I will be teaching Zumba in the dark with glow lights and cool disco lights too. This is a very dedicated and fun loving group, I love it and all involved make my day. Come be a part of it! I think there is still a groupon for 20 classes for 39.99, which is a fantastic deal!!!

Tuesday I regret to say that we will be having our second to last class Tuesday at the LDS S Five Mile church. At 10 am we will work hard before school starts. It will be a mix of PiYo and Zumba, so bring your mat. This class is free to the public and in price. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Tuesday evening at the Homecourt YMCA I will teach Piyo at 6:15pm followed by Zumba at 7pm. This classes tends to run a little late, but we make it fun and worth the wait!!

Wednesday is one class at Bodies in Motion at 9am. It's our glow in the dark Zumba and again is a really awesome class!!

Thursday is the final Zumba class at the S Five Mile Church. We have really appreciated the use of this building this summer and hope to be able to do this again next summer. Come shake it with us one last time!

Thursday evening is PiYo at Homecourt at 6:15pm. I love this extra push towards the weekend.

Friday is a PiYo Zumba fusion class at Bodies in Motion at 9am. Come prepared to push yourself as we dance and work on our balance and strength. It's awesome!

Then we get to enjoy our weekend, eat right, and sleep well cause school starts on the 26th!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This week in August...

So you probably are wondering where this weeks schedule is... with anticipation!!Well, it's late but here goes...

Monday has passed- three classes down, all Zumba...
Tuesday- almost over too- Homecourt YMCA first PiYo (all new music) and then Zumba- done and done!


Wednesday morning at 9am at Bodies in Motion we have Zumba!!!

Thursday is Zumba at The LDS church on South Five Mile at 10am,
then that evening Piyo at 6:15pm at Homecourt YMCA.

Friday morning at 9am at Bodies in Motion we combine Zumba and PiYo for an awesome workout that has cardio and strength building elements.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Schedule for the week! August 5-9 2013

Hello, Hello!

This weeks Zumba/PiYo schedule is as follows...

Monday I teach a few times, once at 8:30am at the Axiom at Cole and Fairview,
 once at Bodies in Motion at 10am,
and I am subbing Sandi's class in the evening at the Axiom at Park Center at 7:30pm.
 Each class is an hour long and I will have a couple new songs this time!! (except for the subbing class, cause they will all seem you)

Tuesday is a busy day as well, with a 10am Zumba/Piyo mixed class at the LDS church on South Five Mile (between Overland and Victory),
then in the evening I teach PiYo at the Homecourt YMCA in Meridian at 6:15pm.. love this class so much!!..
and Following that class I will teach a very intense Zumba at 7pm there as well.

Wednesday I slow it down with only one class!!! Bodies in Motion at 9am for Zumba!

Thursday things have changed a little because we are putting a pause on the kids dance class at 4pm until we figure out our Fall schedule....
So it is just a 10am Zumba at the LDS church on Five Mile and in the evening...
PiYo at 6:15pm at the Homecourt YMCA in Meridian

Friday is only one morning class at Bodies in Motion at 9am where we mix PiYo/Zumba for a workout that lasts all weekend!!!


Stay active and enjoy a longer, healthier life!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy sunday!

Just giving a shout out to all my dedicated zumba fans... I adore you all, and your efforts to improve your life through exercise and good habits. You are amazing!

Zumba love. Kim

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Zumba Love!!

Hey there Zumba gals and guys! I am busy with school, but very excited to slow that down and focus on Zumba again... So right now I teach Zumba at 6am on Tuesdays at Park Center Axiom. I also teach at Bodies in Motion on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm. I love these classes and they are growing bigger each day. Its so much fun and it is still keeping me in great shape. I am sure I will be adding more classes in January. So, I have been geting a lot of questions regarding seasonal depression and how to cope with feeling down as winter aproaches... EXERCISE is key!! I also have been drinking green smoothies ( and that helps, but the greatest thing I have been doing is essential oils from doterra ( these oils are amazingly powerful and have great results!!! Let me know if you have any questions!! Best of luck!! Zumba Love, Kim