Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Class schedule and new classes in EAGLE!!

Yes Folks, thats right I said EAGLE.. There is a great studio by where KINGS used to be, and Old Chicago still is...On old State street. It has a big sign that reads, KARATE right above the door.. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am we are having ZUMBA classes in this studio and it is so much fun! Dont miss it... If you have never tried Zumba, now is your chance because they are offering unlimited classes until August 31st for only 12 Dollars!!! (This also includes Thairobics classes) That's as close to free as it gets! So come try it and you will love it!  Let me know if another time would work better if this time doesnt work for you and we will see what we can do..

Also, If you are from the Downtown area, Bodies in Motion (Off federal way by fred meyers) is a place where you can catch me in Zumba action as well. I teach there on Monday nights and Wedsday nights at 5pm. There is a huge play structure for your kids to play on and a great little smoothie/flatbread cafe right in the studio.. yumm!! This place is amazing!!

Wednesdays I can be seen at Golds in Meridian for the summer. The class is at 7:30pm. So if you are a member there, Come see me and we can shake it like we mean it!! (This is Sandi Rubios class, but I am shaking the Zumba love for the next few weeks.)

Thursdays I am at the YMCA in Caldwell!!  Whoo hoo!  This class is upstairs in the yoga studio, so come!!  It is usually packed tight, so come around 5:15 to claim the spot you want.. class starts at 5:16pm.. :)  Some serious shakers in this class for sure!

ALSO on Tuesday Evenings at the Nampa Rec Center at 4:30 I teach a class called FIT2DANCE. It is for kids from 1st-5th grade. I cannot tell you how amazing this class is.. I almost tear up at the love I feel for these cute kids. They shake it better than me!! I am always so happy to be there and help them build a love for dance.

So, here are your choices... Pick one or five and come do a Zumba class with me!!!

Zumba Love, KIM