Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays are sizzlin!

On thursdays I get to teach at the Karate Studio in Eagle, its in the same parking lot where the old KINGS used to be. At 9:15am we start class and it is a blast!! The best part about this is that for the rest of the summer, it is only 12 dollars.. total, thats it. You can take thai-robics class and zumba as much as you want.. :) thats such a good deal..

Then at 5:15pm its off to Caldwell for some hip shakin fun at the Caldwell YMCA, my home gym... These gals have known me since the beginning.. we have come a long way since I first certified in 2008. The friendships that have grown here are amazing! 

Pick a class and I will see you soon!!

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