Thursday, January 22, 2009

So fun!!

Ok all classes in February will be in the main gym...downstairs. Yeah!!! Lots of room. The only thing is the times will change for Tuesday and Thursday. Instead of 9am it will be 10:30am. I am so excited about the change. It will be able to touch more lives in this big space. Hoorah!!

also, Friday at noon we are having a class for recording. The reason we are recording is to make dvd's available to practice at home.... also we can post some really tricky ones on you tube.. If you want to come, but don't want to be on YouTube that is fine.. Just come and have a party with me!!

You are all amazing and wonderful and I am so blessed to have each of you in class. Keep the fun going always!! Come to the Zumba Class!! Keep Moving and shaking!

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Connie said...

HI, I have celiac also. A friend of mine teaches it also, but in upstate NY, and I am in the SE. Where is Caldwell? Love your blog and the music is GREAT!